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  • Carlos Fabrega

Quickly Analyze Your Amazon PPC Placement Report

Not sure how to analyze your placement report? I created this post to show you how to do just that.

Start off by going to your advertising reports within Campaign Manager and download a 60 day Placement Report.

Once downloaded open it up and we can get started.

*Note: For this to be most effective create Portfolios for each of your SKU's. Organize your campaigns into the appropriate Portfolio.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the insert tab in excel and select PivotTable.

2. When the create PivotTable window opens up just click ok.

3. Now we can start building the PivotTable.

Drag the following items into the "Rows" section: Portfolio Name and Placement.

Drag the following items to the "Values" section: Impressions, Clicks, Spend, 7 Day Total Sales:

4. Next we want to add a two calculated fields: ACoS and CPC. Right click on the Pivot Table and go to Formulas and select "Calculated Field...":

5. Enter the following parameters to calculate your ACoS. Once complete click and add and ok:

6. Enter the following parameters to calculate your CPC. Once complete click and add and ok:

7. Format the fields in the table so spend, sales and CPC are $ values. Change the ACoS to a % value.

8. Your final PivotTable should look like this:

Now you can begin to analyze the data.

What you will notice, if your portfolios are properly structured, Placement data is broken out by Product/SKU.

You can see how each placement has performed for each product. impressions, # of clicks, Spend, Sales, ACoS and CPC are all broken out for each placement.

Now you can easily determine which placement type is performing best for each product.

In the example data above we can see that "First page Top of Search on Amazon" performs best for Product 1. It has the lowest ACoS and is bringing the majority of the sales.

However for Product 2 we see that "Product pages on Amazon" are performing best and are bring in the most sales at the lowest ACoS.

Taking a look at the CPC's for each placement will allow you to see how much your paying on average per click for each placement type.

If you want to use bid adjustments by placement you can easily calculate how much your bid needs to be adjusted in order to be competitive in the auction.

I hope you found this article helpful and will leverage the data within your Placement Report!