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PPC Branded Keywords: Why you need to control them

If you’re a brand selling on Amazon, then there are potential customers searching for your brand on Amazon.

In this article I want to cover brand related search terms and why they are a crucial part of your Amazon PPC strategy.

What is a brand related search term?

A brand related search term is a customer search term containing your brand name within the search phrase. Examples: Microsoft, Microsoft Desktop, Microsoft Computer for Business, Microsoft Laptop etc…

Now that we understand what a branded search term is let’s look at an example scenario:

John Doe comes to Amazon and is looking for a backpack. Their friend has recommended a backpack from Brand “XYZ”.

So John Doe types in the search term bar XYZ Backpack. Up come the results.

What does John Doe see. First, he sees a headline search ad for a competitor brand. Next he sees 2-3 sponsored ads for other competitor brands. Now if he hasn’t already been distracted and clicked on one of the competitors ads then possibly he has now scrolled down to see XYZ’s Backpack organic listing.

Since Brand XYZ is not properly targeting (or worse not targeting at all) his brand related search terms, he’s allowing his competitors to win these ad placements and potentially steal thousands of dollars in sales from him.

Did you know that the first 3 items displayed on Amazon receive 64% of clicks? (See reference article). This shows how important controlling those top ad placements is.

To illustrate this I am going to show you the PPC sales results of a client of mine strictly from brand related search terms. I used the search term report to get these figures. Within the customer search term report I filtered the customer search terms to only show results for search terms that contain the brands name in it. The data reviewed covers a 60 day period.

The results revealed 252 UNIQUE search terms containing their brand name. That’s 252 unique ways that customers searched for this brands products!

Here are the spend, sales and ACoS figures for those 252 unique search terms:

Now before we started working on the account brand related search terms were roughly $250,000 over a 60 day period. After we harvested all the UNIQUE branded search terms we were able to increase that number 20% to what you see above.

Another thing you might notice about the results is that the ACoS is very low. This is because brand related search terms convert much better than other search terms because the buyer already has interest in your brand.

The point of this article was to highlight the importance of brand related search terms.

Are you controlling the top ad placements for your branded search terms?

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