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Increasing AMS Sales 400%

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Below is a short case study on how we grew this clients AMS sales by 400% while also managing to lower the account ACoS 11.95%.

Here is a snapshot of the lifetime of the account (Jan 2015 - Feb 13th 2019):

We started working on this account at the beginning of August 2018. They closed July 2018 with $6,681 in sales at 37.72% ACoS. Sales had steadily been decreasing since July 2017. The state of the account was not good but we were ready for the challenge.

So what did we do to turn things around?

First we did an analysis of the account. Looking into what was working and what was not. Losing campaigns were cut and winning campaigns were optimized to improve performance.

Second we needed to do more testing. How could we get more growth out of this account? We started by looking at the most reliable keyword sales data we had, the search term report.

Digging through the search term report we were able to find loads of new unique search terms that had converted in the past that the client was not bidding on.

Now we needed to figure out where was the best place to send this traffic. AMS allows you to send traffic to 3 different places (Amazon custom store page, A Product List Page or a custom URL).

We noticed the best results were coming from landing pages that best mimicked real Amazon search results. The reason for this is because customers are used to these search results. They are not used to the custom Amazon Store pages. These store pages tend to lead to confusion for the buyer as it is not a familiar Amazon shopping experience for them.

So where are we today?

After all the rigorous testing and optimization the account is now growing and thriving.

In January 2019 we managed to achieve $26,712 in sales at a 25.77% ACoS. That's a 400% sales increase while reducing ACoS by 11.95%!!! That's a huge improvement from where the account started.

Needless to say we are thrilled with the results we were able to achieve for this client.

Does your AMS account need a makeover? We are here to help. Head over to the contact page and drop us a line.

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