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3 Tips to Quickly Improve Your Amazon Sponsored Brands Headline Ads

Taking advantage of Amazon Sponsored Brands ads can have a significant impact on your business if managed correctly. Too often I see ads that could be doing significantly better if they just made a few minor adjustments. So in this post I wanted to show you a quick example of a poor Sponsored Brands headline ad and what changes they could make to see better results.

Let’s take a look at the example in the photo above:

Key notes:

  • Searched keyword is “Travel Journal”

  • Headline is a generic branded headline “Robrasim fabulous leather collection”

  • One of the three products being displayed is a wallet and two are travel journals/notebooks.

So what could we do better on this ad?

  1. In this example the advertiser is using a generic branded headline to target a specific keyword “travel journal”. What you will notice is that the headline does not mention anything about travel journals. I recommend bucketing keywords that contain the same key phrases in them and write your headlines in a way that mimic the search of the customer. A better headline for this search term would have been “Travel Journals to Document Your Next Adventure”.

  2. The second product being featured in the headline ad is a wallet. However the customer search term is for "travel journal". This specific brand sells multiple travel journals and could fill this slot with another travel journal option. In the case that they only had three products and the wallet had to be featured we recommend it being the last item in the lineup. Keep the products being advertised as closely relevant to the search term being targeted.

  3. All words in this headline except the brand name were lowercased. Amazon has done tons of testing to perfect product titles. Their conclusions were to capitalize the first letter of each word except for prepositions (in, on, over, with), conjunctions (and, or, for), or articles (the, a, an). This is directly from Amazons Product Title Requirements. They have done tons of testing on the best way to format titles and if they are saying this is what produces best results we are confident they have the data to back it up. Adapting this to your headline ads can have improved click through rate and do a better job of catching a potential customers attention.

Hopefully you found this helpful and will use the information to adapt these strategies in your own Sponsored Brands Headline Ads.

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