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Two Ways to Spy on Your Competition and Find Keywords for Amazon PPC

It's a long title I know. I'll try to keep the post short and concise so lets get into it.

1. Reverse ASIN

Running a reverse ASIN on your competitors will show you what keywords they are appearing for organically and through sponsored ads. This is valuable data when it comes to PPC as it provides insight to the reach of your competitors.

My tool of choice for Reverse ASIN searches is Helium 10's Cerebro

Using Helium 10's Cerebro heres a few ways you can filter through these keywords:

- Search Volume per KW

- Competing Sponsored ASIN's per KW

- # of Competing Products per KW

- Amazon Recommended Rank

This is all valuable information to determine how competitive a keyword might be to target and how much search volume you can expect to see out of a keyword.

Another thing I like about Helium 10's Cerebro is that they show which KW's your competitor has won the Amazon's Choice badge for. You can bet they drive sales from these keywords and they are good options for you to target.

Another valuable piece of information provided in Cerebro is Word Frequency. Here you can see how many times a particular word showed up in the list of key phrases returned by the Reverse ASIN search. These keywords are good seed KW's to target in Broad and Phrase match at low bids as they will likely be high volume KW's and through testing in PPC will find relevant keywords you can target later on.

2. Brand Analytics

This new feature that Amazon has recently started rolling out has extremely valuable data on your competitors. The best part about this data is that it is straight from Amazon. Nothing like data from the source!

Take your competitor ASIN and plug it into Brand Analytics under Amazon Search Terms.

What you will get is a list of Keywords where they are driving some of their sales from. Not only will you see the data for the particular ASIN you entered but you will also see data for the top 3 clicked ASINs for each KW on the list as well as the click share and conversion share percentage for these particular keywords.

Take the keywords that come up and de duplicate them against keywords you are currently bidding on. Any keywords that comes up on this list that you are currently not bidding on are prime targets.

The ASIN's that appear for the top 3 Clicked ASIN's for each keyword are also ASINs you can target through Product Attribute Targeting in Sponsored Products. You can then take each of these individual ASIN and run the same process on them. The possibilities are endless.


Try using some of the points covered here. You might be surprised with what you uncover.

Keyword research is endless and constantly evolving. I know we barely scratched the surface here but just these two methods can lead you down 100's of rabbit holes.

Happy researching!

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